Welcome to Catalyse Sheffield’s psychotherapy practice

New referrals:

Thank you for your interest in Cognitive Analytic Therapy.


We are a group of professionals offering a range of services based on Cognitive Analytic Therapy, a psychological therapy which combines effective elements from cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic and interpersonal therapies.   We are all qualified mental health professionals; psychologists and psychotherapists trained, accredited and experienced in this method.   We provide services to people who have emotional difficulties, relationship problems, mental health problems or who are stressed and unhappy and want to improve their quality of life.  We work with people who are able to take responsibility for their own safety and would like something more than primary care counselling or cognitive behaviour therapy.  CAT is widely practised within the NHS.

We also provide an occupational mental health service, CAT-based coaching for public sector staff and psychotherapy supervision for people providing therapy in the NHS or other settings.   Click here for more information about Cognitive Analytic Therapy. In all we do, we are guided by our key values, developed over many years of experience providing psychological therapy in the NHS and independent sector.  These are that our services should be:

  • Safe: We don’t take risks with your well-being and we take the quality of your experience seriously.
  • Effective: We systematically monitor our results and benchmark them against other services to learn how to get the best outcomes for the people we work with.
  • Efficient: We respond quickly to your enquiry.  We don’t extend therapy unnecessarily: we aim to get results as quickly as possible.
  • Evidence-based: We stay up to date with research findings in psychological therapies and apply them to our practice.
  • Competent: We spend time ensuring our knowledge and skills are up to date and that we meet high standards in our practice.  We don’t use inexperienced staff.
  • Value for money: We strive to keep our fees at a level that is affordable and cost-effective.
  • Collaborative: We know good therapy is a partnership, an active collaboration between therapist and client.  You have an active role and are supported in this role.